“Troy Pooser – Right Beside You” – Documentary

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“Right Beside You” – Documentary Bonus Content

Check out these additional noteworthy stories and interviews that didn’t make it into the documentary.


The time has come everyone. The music is completed and returned from mastering and has been sent to the replication facility for the packages to be pressed and printed. Preorders for the CD are being taken right now and will be delivered on or before July 24th, Troy’s birthday, as planned. You can hear a song off of the disc right now by pressing play on the music player to the right. The song is called “His Song” and credits are as follows:

“His Song”
Written by Jason Ellis and Gogi Randhawa
From the album, “Right Beside You”
©2014 Msndrstd Music

- Acoustic Guitar: Jason Ellis
- Drums: Eddie Thompson
- Bass: Randy Tuttle and Jason DuBose
- Electric Guitars: Clay Strider and Jay Livingston
- Lead Guitar: Rad Cochran
- Lead Vocals: Matt Scruggs
- Backing Vocals: Tim Tyler, Charlene Gleaton and Troy Pooser
- String Orchestrations: Gogi Randhawa

If you want to hear Troy’s music you gotta buy the CD! :-) Thats probably the one thing that is the complete opposite of what Troy would do in this project. I’m not letting you hear one song until release day, and he would have let all of you hear the whole thing by tomorrow morning. But a good dream deserves a proper release.

So I hope you all enjoy the song. Everyone did a phenomenal job and were all top notch to work with.


Click below to order:




What’s up everyone? Just wanted to give you a quick update on the progress of the CD. We have one song left to wrap up which will include many people that are friends of Troy’s and some who he wrote and played music with. Then the CD just needs to be mixed and we will be ready to send it off to mastering. That’s where you can help!

Everything up to this point has been donated in full, but now we are dealing with actual costs that must be maintained so I am asking for your help in putting the final touches on this CD and getting the physical copies printed. Please go to the link below and learn more:

Thanks everyone for your help and support. It really won’ be long now before Troy’s dream becomes a reality!



Tracking has wrapped on Troy’s songs and now its time to get them mixed. There are a couple of other songs that need to be recorded still. They are tributes that are connected very closely to Troy and they should be done within the next few weeks.

A lot of work and time has been put into this project and when its done I know it will be fantastic, but there are some things that still need to be done.

Once the songs are completed and mixed they will need to be sent to mastering which puts the final touches on everything. This will run about $1000 and then the CDs will need to be printed and pressed. This will run about $1500 and then when the orders come in there will be shipping materials and postage costs. If you are interested in making a donation then click the link below:

I truly appreciate your support in the release of this CD which has been a dream of Troy’s for as long as we’ve been playing guitar. Your donation helps curb the costs of this CD which allows for the proceeds to go to his niece and nephews, so he can continue giving selflessly to them and be the great uncle he always was. Keep checking back to the Facebook page and this website to see the continuing progress of Troy’s CD!

Thanks, everyone!


What’s up, everyone? This website was created to keep you on top of everything that is going on with all the good Troy is doing. There’s some great things in the works that you may not be aware of but Troy is keeping busy!

Outside of being there for us, comforting us and keeping us laughing, he has his hand in an event called Troy’s Noise. This is an event that will be held at the Orangeburg Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 29th. Gates open at 3:00PM and the bands start playing at 4PM. The bands are all local…Red Hour (Troy’s former band), MudFish, Main Street, & Any Given Day. Also playing/singing will be the Embark praise team, Cindy McKeowen, Brooke Rogers, Carmen & Megan Quay, and possibly a few others. Tickets will be $10 at the gate. 12 & under get in free and there will be free parking for everyone. This is a family event so no alcohol please. T-shirts will be on sale for $20 each. There will be a silent auction, including beach house vacations, fishing trips, a guitar, pictures framed by Troy, gift certificates to local businesses, etc. If  you have something you are willing to donate, want to make a donation, or just want to help out by working at the bake sale table for an hour  please contact us. The money is being raised for Embark Church this year. It will be an annual event & will always benefit a local charity. Please come out if you can.

Troy has also been working hard on his EP. He will be releasing a new CD of his very own music with a few extras later this year. We are hoping for a July 24th release date, but there’s still too much to do to know for sure when the EP will be released. Hard copies will be available. All proceeds will go into a savings account for his sister’s kids: Asher, Sloan and the newly born Finley Troy Petersen. He’s pretty excited to wrap up this musical endeavor.

And of course Troy has been keeping an eye on things over at Embark Church, a great place of worship located in Orangeburg, SC that Troy helped to develop and launch. He has a hand in the music happenings there as well as he oversees the praise band. He is an amazing worship leader and he also keeps an eye on the kids program there.

So as you can see, Troy has been very busy, but extremely thankful and happy for the progress of everything and he is smiling everyday at all the good people are doing. Stay tuned here for more updates and also be sure to check out the Facebook page!